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Shipping Car, Boxes, Goods to Thailand

International sea ports in Thailand serve the interests of commercial as well as household goods on daily basis. If you are planning to move to Thailand either on short visit or long destination, definitely, there will be many number of shipping options available before you and more over, you will also enjoy smooth shipping, Here are few details which you need to keep in your mind when shipping to Thailand, and keep these points clear in your mind.

All customers who are transferring their personal goods should have an original passport, non immigrant visa or resident visa, original work permit, fresh copy of Bill of Lading and more. In order to facilitate duty free entry of goods and commercial cargo to Thailand, it is also significant that you give detailed listing of the goods and commercial cargo. Keep in your mind that you have listed all the items and commercial cargo in your inventory and that too in right order. Do not try to conceal household goods or commercial cargo or else international cargo and freight shipping will become difficult.

All shipments which are entering to Singapore are subjected to detailed inspection by customs authorities. Customers who have One Year Work Visa as well as the returning Thai residents who have otherwise lived over a year abroad will not be charged of any customs duty. Quite importantly, you also need to be very precise of the content being transferred as the cost of international shipping will vary accordingly. Keep in your mind that you look in detail on the rules and regulations of cargo and freight with international shipping company.

International shipping has become the need of today which is also termed as one of the most proficient and skillful mode of shipping. We are one of the best International shipping providers. We also take care of our clients and their individual shipping needs in very efficient manner. Two choices are given to them by us, one of which is ocean freight and second one is air freight.

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