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Less than Container Loads Shipping Services

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Less than container services provide shipping of household, commercial or personal items both big and heavy items such as furniture as well as small delicate items like bone china crockery. The whole process is done in a meticulousmanner and is done taking a lot of care from warehouses where they are further shipped to the destination port. There are two basic processes involved in this:


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Palletizing:This process is used when the small delicate items are to be packed. The pallet sizes differ depending on the size of the items to be packed. An interesting thing to note is that the pallets are measured in terms of volume and not in terms of weight. The biggest pallets measure 4”x5”. The size can be varied based on the needs. The items packed by this method remain safe from jerks and breakage. These are packed in clean strong packages to ensure safe delivery of consignments.


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Crating: The second process called crating is used to pack large items such as sofa, tables, shelves, chairs, etc. The way they are packed in blankets and boxes avoid any scratches or dirt they are then placed in wooden crates for easy carriage, loading and receiving All the boxes, once packed, are sealed with tape. This imparts immobility to the items that are inside. Once everything is done at the packing site, the goods are taken to the shipping terminal for further deporting.


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