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Avail the Marine Insurance Facility

Shipping International is a professional shipping company and we offer quality Marine Insurance to our customers. Marine insurance financially covers the loss or damage to a shipment. Marine insurance offers coverage for many types of items shipped overseas; however, there are a few exceptions so be sure to check with us. The cost for this insurance is usually a small fraction of the total objects' value.

Purchasing Marine Insurance made Easy with Shipping International

The insurance process is quite simple and it begins with filling out an application, which will include a packing list of the items you want insured, along with the value of each item. The insurance cost is a small percentage of the total value of all the items in the list. Request to whomever is receiving the shipment to inspect the items for damage upon delivery since there's a deadline for reporting damages. File a claim with the insurance company and be prepared to prove the value of your items with receipts and other helpful documents such as photos and certificates of authenticity. 

Note: A packing list without the value of each item is also required for the customs department at the destinated country. 

If you are planning to move to another country, get your automobile and household goods insured by purchasing our Marine insurance package.

We will provide you with detailed a Marine Insurance quote upon the completion of your packing list.

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