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Shipping Automobile Overseas

shipping automobile overseas

Shipping International can ship a large variety of vehicles. We can export sport utility vehicles (SUVs), mini-vans, full-size vans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, boats and more worldwide. All the client needs to do before loading is make sure the vehicle contains less than 1/8 a tank of gas left within it and they have all necessary documentation for said vehicle. Required documentation may be the original title and/or the bill of sale for the vehicle. Here is a link to the regulations and documents required by customs when shipping a motor vehicle:

Safe automobile shipping is of the highest importance to Shipping International. That's why when we load your container we use extreme measures to keep your vehicle(s) securely strapped in place in order to minimize any sway or movement within a container. When loading multiple cars into one container, we have to elevate and stack the cars in order to fit them all in. We can fit 4 cars into a 40' container and even 5 cars into a 45' container! Sometimes with mere inches allowed for a margin of error, only the best loading technicians are able to pull off this difficult task. Our loaders have all been trained by loaders with decades of professional container loading experience and are taught the absolute safest and efficient ways to load shipping containers.

We use wooden structures that are measured, cut and custom built to brace and block your automobile specific to its dimensions. We then use heavy duty straps that are fastened to both the top and bottom of the container until possible movement or sway within the container is nonexistent. For suspended cars we use thick chains that are secured to the axles of the car for extra support and security.

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But why would we choose the difficult task of loading so many cars into one container? Because shipping one container instead of two containers could save you thousands of dollars. We always try to give our customers the maximum amount in cost savings and are confident in our loaders' abilities to perform these complex container loading tasks.

Shipping International prides itself on offering competitive prices for the premium shipping services we perform ourselves. Not only are we confident in our ability to load your goods, but we also hold ourselves responsible. When an entity like a shipping freight broker offers shipping services, they themselves aren't actually performing the said services, but merely arrange the services between the client and another shipping company. Good luck trying to get compensation from a shipping broker if anything goes wrong with your shipment! And unfortunately, the shipping company performing the services has less incentive to do a good job loading and securing your goods when the broker is the one accountable. So the chances of your items being damaged increases while the chances of getting compensated decreases when neither shipping company or broker takes responsibility.

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We have been a member with the Better Business Bureau since 2001 and we currently have an A+. Shipping International strives to meet our customers' needs and make shipping overseas easy and safe. Book automobile shipping with a company which follows regulations, offers insurance and has credibility in the market. Choose Shipping International!

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