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Shipping to Venezuela from USA

movingVenezuela is a great place to live and work, and in recent times due to coming up of new industries in Venezuela, you will find many expats from USA joining the work force in Venezuela. Since the expats move along with their household goods and cars, it becomes imperative to discuss about the international shipping norms. When car shipping to Venezuela from USA, you need to be sure whether the vehicle being imported is used or brand new.

Used cars and other vehicles are allowed to enter Venezuela duty free. Here, it is significant o note that you ought to be returning resident if you want a duty free entry of the used car. Further, TR3 and TR5 Visa holders are not considered as Venezuela residents and there are not allowed to import the used cars. Only one car can be imported by the customer and the car value has to be below US$20,000. If the car value seems to be higher than the $20,000, customs duties will be charged @ 35% of CIF value.

The term used auto is the one which is either produced or assembled in the Venezuela. If you are considering on auto shipping to Venezuela make sure that the car being imported is new and not be more than one year old. Moreover, the odometer should not show over 100 miles. Remember, car moving to Venezuela is not as simple as it may otherwise look. You need to look into the details of it for smooth shipping of the car.

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