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movingThe international Port of Montevideo situated in Uruguay is known to handle over 1.1 million containers annually, within its quay handling capacity 14 meters (46 ft) draught vessels. The international shipping port is well equipped as it has 9 straddle cranes which can seamlessly allow 80 to 100 movements every hour. Uruguay has friendly relationship with the United States ever since it stood back on the march towards democracy. The commercial ties between united states and Uruguay has taken a new leap and as the result of which there have been high scale commercial activity taking place between both the countries, If you have the plans to move from any US city to Uruguay, you definitely want to go for transportation of commercial cargo, the process has become streamlined. In addition, US and Uruguay has also entered into a treaty on military matters and both countries have participated in joint military operations.

Shipping commercial cargo or household goods from US to Uruguay has become easy as the result of bilateral commercial ties between US and Uruguay and this has further stepped up active trade and smooth international shipping. The international shipping rates for shipping household goods or commercial cargo from US to Uruguay are measured in terms of cubic freight volume, and this holds valid for the container ocean shipping. Further, the international shipping rates would also include warehousing and storage, loading into the container, shipping documentation and of course the ocean transport. When shipping commercial cargo or households goods from US to Uruguay international port, there is minimum charge which levied in the USA maritime transportation. You have to take it into consideration after holding the consultation with the cargo and freight shipping company in US.

If the goods are stored in warehousing at the Uruguay port local destination fees will be charged by the cargo and freight transfer company to get the customs clearance and other duties and taxes. However, in case you are returning Uruguayan who is permanent citizen will not have to pay the duty and other taxes. All of these crucial things will let you get the best deals from the cargo and freight Transportation Company and you will enjoy affordable shipping.

When transporting household goods or commercial cargo from US to Uruguay there are certain products which come under the restricted category and on which the Uruguayan customs department will levy huge duty. These dutiable and restricted items include Alcohol and tobacco products, food, Jewelry and coins, bicycles etc. The new household goods are considered for the customs duties and value added taxation. The wedding gifts included as the part of cargo will need a visaed marriage certificate for all good reasons.

The prohibited list of items which are not allowed for transportation from US to Uruguay includes pornographic or subversive materials, weapons and ammunition, drugs, plants etc. You need to have the permit.

Keeping informed about all these things will provide you with greater advantage and moreover smoothness in the transportation of goods and commercial cargo from US to Uruguay.

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