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Shipping to Asuncion, Paraguay

movingParaguay is a landlocked country with strategic location in South America. The country has international boundaries with Argentina in the south and southwest, Bolivia in the Northwest and Brazil towards East and Northeast area. Shipping to Paraguay from any international shipping port in US is easy process because Paraguay has free trade agreements with US federal government and therefore, whether it is returning Paraguayans or US citizens, they can smoothly transfer the household goods without going through any type of hassles.

In addition, research also directs that Paraguay is one of significant and free commercial zones located in US, which comes in line after Miami and Hong Kong respectively. It is systematic and easy shipping routes which have further added towards affordable international shipping. However, you have to make sure of the experience of international shipping company when transporting the goods from US to Asuncion. Therefore, it is very necessary that you check into the details of the cargo and freight shipping company and choose after deliberate consideration.

While shipping household goods or commercial cargo from any US city to Paraguay international port, individual would need to show ID from country of origin. A detailed inventory listing in Spanish language is also required. The prominent sets of documents which are required include 2 sets of Bill of Lading visaed by the Paraguayan Consulate at origin and Letter/Certificate from the Paraguayan Consulate. If you are designated temporary residents, then you will require a valid temporary residence permit and on the basis of which you will be able to import your household goods. However, if you are a permanent resident who is working in US and want to import household goods to Paraguay, definitely you will not have to go for the personal effects duty and port tax free, during first six months time of obtaining the residence permit.

Make sure that the cargo and freight transportation company which you choose is vigilant and has necessary knowledge of the needed shipping documentation which has to be presented 3 weeks before the arrival of shipment. The cargo and freight shipping company would need to submit the documentation on your behalf to the immigration office in Asuncion as the result of which a Customs certificate will be issued in your name. The international shipping company in US who is otherwise not aware of the complexities of the transportation will put you through complexities of the documents and as the result the entire shipment will be delayed.

Therefore, it becomes evident here that you have the professional cargo and freight shipping company which will add difference to the movement of shipment and also let you enjoy the movement of right kind of shipping. You have to be pretty sure about the antecedents of cargo and freight shipping company as this will help you understand the real levels of professionalism shown by the company.

Get ready to move the goods or commercial cargo to Paraguay without going through any kind of hassles.



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