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movingIf you are moving commercial cargo or household goods from US to Panama, it becomes very important that you have complete idea of the customs policies and other important trade and tariff laws of Panama. Panama is well connected to US and it has three international and busy port centers of Balboa, Colon, Cristabol and Panama respectively. These international port centers are not only busy port centers but they are also the most advanced international port hubs which are well equipped with best loading and unloading cranes. Further since Panama has free trade contract with US, transferring household goods and commercial cargo from US to Panama is not any kind of hurdle.

However, it is very necessary that you have professional and international cargo and freight transportation company which will not only provide you with easy cargo and freight moving, but also address your personal concerns. The international cargo and freight shipping company which you choose in US should also have experience in transporting different types of goods and commercial cargo to Panama.

When you are shipping to Panama from US, you need to have proper and updated shipping documents available as this is a prerequisite for smooth shipping. Without proper documentations and customs approval you will not be able to transport household goods or commercial cargo safely and with security. Therefore, it becomes natural that you have the right choice of cargo and freight shipping company which will provide you with foolproof documentation services along with packaging and shipping container services.

The essential documents which are required especially when you are planning to move from US to Panama with your family and all the household goods include Residence Visa or an authorized letter from Registered Lawyer. You will also require a copy of petition for Residence Visa. In addition you also need to show the detailed inventory of your household goods either in Spanish or English language. Transferring your household goods from US to Panama will also require that you submit with Panama port authorities the letter of employment, certificate of change of residence and of course your original passport.

In addition, you need to be present in the designated city in Panama at the time of Customs inspection. It is because, you have to pay got customs charges, and customs broker's charges and all of these charges are payable to the customer at time of clearance. Further you need to assure that port authorities that shipment will arrive within 6 months. Upon arrival of shipment, the port authorities will also inspect all the goods in order to tally the inventory which has been provided by you to them.

In case of any kind of customs delays, you have to bear the additional charges for the storage out there in the port. Taking all these points into consideration, make sure that the cargo and freight transportation company that you choose have complete insight of all these protocols, as this will smoothen the entire process of shipping.

Items such as Foodstuff and plants; Narcotics and drugs,; Straw or hay packing in lift-vans; Firearms, weapons and ammunition are all prohibited.



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