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Shipping to Malta from USA

movingIf you are car shipping to Malta from USA, it is very necessary that you look into the details of the international car shipping and get into the details as soon as possible without any further delay. The very significant thing which you need to take into consideration out here is the fluidity of the custom regulations. The Malta customs rules and regulations chance quite frequently and ultimately you have to suffer through the hassles. Therefore, the best way out for car moving to Malta is go for the international car shipping company. In this manner, you will be in a better position to get through the best in the international car shipping solutions. It is very important that you should be in Malta prior to arrival of your car.

If you are not showing your physical presence in the Malta, then the customs department will withhold all the regular procedures which are otherwise initiated for shipping the car. If you are a returning citizen or permanent resident, you are allowed to import one car on which no duty will be charged, If you a re a temporary resident, it is very necessary that the car should be in your possession for at least 6 months. Other relevant document requires include Import License is required from Department of Trade, Export Certificate or Log Book, MOT or Test Certificate for the purpose of road worthiness and also the Road Insurance or Green Card valid for Malta.



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