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Shipping to Ireland from USA

Car shipping to Ireland from USA will require that you look into ever little aspect of the international car shipping procedures. If you are not looking into the details of the international car shipping procedures, then at the end, you have to bear the brunt. Car moving to Ireland is a comprehensive and very elaborate process similar to the general shipping. You have to look into several things when auto shipping to Ireland. Remember, if you ignore any of the subtle points in the auto shipping to Ireland, it is you who have to ultimately waste the time as well as your hard earned money.

Therefore, it becomes quite obvious here that you search for the best of the car shipping company right in the beginning in order to overcome the last minute hassles involved in the auto shipping. When car shipping to Ireland from USA, you will not be charged any duty if your car is owned 6 months prior to the importation. You are also jot allowed to sell, lend, or dispose the car within a period of 12 months after the importation. It is necessary that you look into the details about these procedural requirements. Other requirements which are needed include Registration book, Customs Form 1076, Purchase Invoice, Original vehicle documents which will bear the owner's name, engine and chassis number, car title and updated and recent Insurance Certificate. Make sure that you have complete details of the car insurance should you want to go ahead with auto shipping to Ireland.

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