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movingIf you are car shipping to Colombia from USA, it becomes necessary that you clearly discuss about the customs duty in detail with the international car shipping company. Car moving to Colombia will require completion of documentation procedures right from the beginning. These procedures will ensure smooth shipping. It is a quite obvious fact to know here that auto shipping to Colombia is put through the high import taxes and the amount of importation charges levied will depend upon value, model, year of manufacturing, cubic centimeters, and also the extras.

The prominent documents which are needs for car shipping to Colombia from USA will include original statements of Registration Card or Property Title and the Purchase Invoice. All the new vehicle s which enters Colombia has to pass through rigorous EPA smog test. Therefore, you need to be prepared for all the necessary processes. If you are in a hurry to go for international car shipping to Colombia, definitely, you will be missing on certain crucial points and as the result of which the entire process of car shipping will come to end.

You have to be pretty sure that you look into every nitty and gritty of international shipping. When car moving to Colombia, you also need to check into the container shipping rates as container shipping will play decisive role in the international car shipping. You have to know whether the car shipping company is including container rates in the general shipping quotes or they will charge independently for container shipping services.


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